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V'Ger ist eine Sonde, die im Jahre 2273 auf die Erde zufliegt, um ihren Schöpfer zu suchen und sich mit ihm zu vereinigen. Dabei zerstört die Sonde, die in eine gigantische Energiewolke eingehüllt ist, mehrere Objekte der Klingonen und der Föderation, darunter die IKS Amar und die Relaisstation Epsilon IX Fact #1: The Borg have been in existence since the mid 15th century. Voyager 6 (V'ger) was created and launched into space in the late 20th century. The Borg were in existence long before NASA was created, 500 years or more The Borg are as much creatures of carbon as they are of silicon (or tri-silicon technobabblide, as it may be in the Trekverse). I figure that, if Vejur were somehow part of the Collective, it would not be so clueless about carbon units V'ger bei den Borg. Ersteller Prince Wears; Erstellt am 22. Dezember 2000; P. Prince Wears Guest. 22. Dezember 2000 #1 Diesmal im richtigen Forum: Es soll angeblich einen ST-Roman geben, wo V'ger bei den Borg auftaucht. Hat jemand schonmal was davon gehört? Weiss einer von Euch den Titel des Buches (wenn es das überhaupt gibt)? ----- C. cptza Guest. 22. Dezember 2000 #2 Ja, diesen Roman gibt. Posts about V'ger written by borgeditor. Where are they now? After spending nearly 11,000 workyears on the Voyager space program so far, or one-third of the estimated effort required to build the great pyramid at Giza, the Voyager space probes are currently in the Heliosheath - the outermost layer of the heliosphere where the solar wind is slowed by the pressure of interstellar gas.

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  1. V'jer is the ultimate evolution of the robotics in the explorer satellite named Voyager, which was sent into space without a programmed destination in the.
  2. v'ger would recongise them and chuckle and go disobediant son!!! spank the colective like the two year old it is comapred to v'ger power then the borg will tear up and go DADDY WE MISSED YOU!!! or v'ger will simply destroy one cube learn all it needs to learn from it and ingore any other cube ad move on
  3. - James T. Kirk, 2270s (Star Trek: The Motion Picture) V'ger was a massive entity and one of the most extraordinary lifeforms ever encountered by the United Federation of Planets. It generated enormous levels of power and threatened Earth with destruction until it found a way to evolve. V'ger chose its own name
  4. Informationsportal der VGER Mobil-Disco und der VGER Event GmbH. Tourdaten, Bilder und vieles mehr auf VGER.D
  5. Making that the birth of the Borg (or implying that V'ger met the Borg) seems like a step back. The Borg to me have always been what was implied in Q Who. They were once an organic race like ourselves that eventually became so intertwined with their technology that it became the driving force of their civilization. level 2 . 9 points · 5 years ago. I'm with you. While fun at first, the self.
  6. V'Ger (with the alternate spelling of Vejur, as written within the text of Gene Roddenberry's novelization) was an extraordinary machine entity encountered by the Federation in 2273. The entity's surrounding energy cloud was over two AUs in diameter and generated amounts of radiation rivalling the heliosphere of Sol

V'Ger. Specs Images Internals. Size Comp. 97500 m1 . Whale Probe 73500 m2 . Voth City Ship 11000 m3 : Colour key. Canon source: Backstage source: Novel source: DITL speculation: References # Series: Season: Source: Comment: 1: Speculative (97500 m) Scaled against the USS Enterprise in 'Star Trek : The Motion Picture'. Note that image is somewhat speculative. 2: Speculative: Whale Probe (73500. FAKE MOVIE TRAILER - Star Trek - Return of V'ger is based off of the first of the Trek movies series, Star Trek the Motion Picture - 1979. Originaly writte..

Die Borg-Queen fordert eine Drohne auf, ihr eine Frequenz zu nennen. Diese beteuert aber, diese Frequenz nicht zu kennen, worauf sie zerlegt wird, damit in ihrem Gehirn manuell nach der Frequenz gesucht werden kann. Unterdessen hat Seven auf der Voyager nachts seltsame Erlebnisse. Als sie den Doktor darauf anspricht, gratuliert er ihr zu ihrem ersten Traum und meint, das wäre alles völlig. This Video is taken from the Video Game Star Trek Legacy and about the origin of the borg and was V'ger has to do with it. I think it is a very interesting..

V'Ger. A sentient, massive entity which threatened Earth in 2271, en route to find its Creator. In doing so, V'Ger destroyed anything it encountered by digitizing it for its memory chamber. Generating a power field cloud about itself of over 22 AUs in diameter, the entity had gained sentience after unknown aliens repaired the old Earth space probe that formed its core — Voyager 6, whose. V'Ger is the inspiration for the huge cylindrical Borg dreadnoughts. dstahl always wanted a way to bring V'Ger into the game, IIRC, but that was as close as he got before he left Cryptic. I think it's really more a matter of having a good story arc about V'Ger or its past, or the aftermath of TMP (e.g. what V'Ger is doing now. In a nutshell, the Borg were created by V-Ger long before even the time of Cpt. Archer and Enterprise NX-01. Yes, we did see Borg in ST: Ent., but those were Borg from the future that went back in time to stop Zefram Cochrane Before his death, Gene Roddenberry speculated that V'Ger could have been rebuilt by the Borg but, since that was never set in canon, could Star Trek: Picard's synthetics federation (which is now canon) lead to a retcon of Star Trek: The Motion Picture?It's possible that Picard's ancient synthetics were the machines that found Voyager 6 and rebuilt it into VGer, which then returned to Earth. V'ger NO fue el creador de los Borg, ni los Borg tuvieron nada que ver con V'ger, al contrario de lo que se cree o está escrito en el léxico de Star Trek para tratar de explicar cómo se creó la nave V'ger. Aquí es por qué: . Hecho # 1: Los Borg existen desde mediados del siglo XV

Borg possess a cortical node that controls other implanted cybernetic devices within a Borg's body; it is most often implanted in the forehead above the organic eye. If the cortical node fails, the Borg eventually dies. Successful replacement of the node can be carried out on a Borg vessel Borg from V'ger theory. It was mentioned that Voyager 6 could not have made it very far even at maximum warp and therefore could not have gotten to the Delta quadrant. However, in the movie I believe it mentions that Voyager 6 went into a black hole or a wormhole only to emerge on the far side of the galaxy, aka Delta Quadrant. Despite this though, we have no idea where V'ger went after. © Valve Corporation. All rights reserved. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Privacy Policy | Legal | Steam.

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V'ger is a massive alien craft capable of learning and evolving. Known as the intruder by Starfleet, the V'ger generated twelfth-power energy that was a scale beyond the energy-generation capacity of even thousands of starships. Deep at its core contained the Voyager 6, an unmanned deep space probe launched from Earth during the 20th century. The entire vessel surrounding the probe was built. Sie hat schon mal in Voyager ihre Spezies-Nummer erwähnt und es war nicht die der Menschen oder Nummer 001(das ist vermutlich die Borg-Ursprungsrasse). Nach den Ereignissen aus StarTrek1 könnte man annehmen, das V'ger von den Borg erschaffen ist Wir stellen die 16.Sonderausgabe aus unserer Star Trek Raumschiffsammlung vor, ein beeindruckendes Modell der Star Trek V'Ger Raumsonde bekannt aus dem Film von 1979.. Der legendäre Designer Syd Mead entwarf das Modell in dessen Mitte sich ein V'Ger befand, einer lebenden Raumsonde.Das mystische Raumschiff zerstörte alles was dessen Weg auf Richtung Erde kreuzte Borg Borg-Kultur Borg-Drohne in einem Regenerations-Alkoven. Die Borg-Gesellschaft ist das Modell einer totalitären, aber nichthierarchischen Gesellschaft. Erst in späteren Folgen von Star Trek wurde die Borg-Gesellschaftsform in Anlehnung an die Struktur eines Insektenvolkes mit einer Königin an der Spitze dargestellt. Ihr Konzept ist die permanente technische Anpassung ihrer Körper an. Als V'Ger zum Sol-System zurückkehrte, konnte es seinen Schöpfer nicht finden, sondern einen biologischen Befall. Die Sonde kehrte in die Heimatwelt der Borg zurück und schloss sich ihnen an, und ihre Programmierung verbreitete sich im gesamten Kollektiv. Es brach ein Bürgerkrieg aus. In dem daraus resultierenden Konflikt gingen riesige.

V´ger sah nicht mal im entferntesten nach Borgtechnik aus. Desweiteren war V´ger so riesig und stark, dass selbst die Borg nichts dagegen hätten machen können. Die Borg hätten nie soetwas erschaffen können. Dafür fehlen ihnen noch heute die Möglichkeiten. Hug Gene Roddenberry once hinted at the possibility that V'ger's ship was constructed by the Borg. Hence Spock saw a virtual image of the Borg homeworld and melded with the hive mind. This idea was later revisited by William Shatner's non-canon novel The Return. The back story of the game Star Trek: Legacy speculated that V'ger was an integral part in the creation of the Borg Collective in his. Star Trek Online My Odyssey Class Cruiser VS VGER (BORG BOSS) HD/3D Description: This is my first video ive ever made that can be made to watch in 3D! at youtube's request, comments and ratings have been disabled for legal reasons. So i was playing STO, after fighting the borg fleet, i run into the most massive enemy in star trek history. VGER. Enjoy the video, and the out takes at the end.

So i was playing STO, after fighting the borg fleet, i run into the most massive enemy in star trek history. VGER. Enjoy the video, and the out takes at the end. some wonder what my character is that plays the captain of the ship, He is a Half Cardassian, Half Kazon male, thought to be the son of Culluh himself The Borg immediately attack V'Ger in an attempt to assimilate its technology; V'Ger likewise doesn't take kindly to a bunch of flesh-infested substandard machines trying to harm it, and goes on a rampage. This won't end until either the Borg are destroyed utterly, or V'Ger is assimilated. Who takes it? Note: For the purposes of this thread, the novelization of the movie is canon. Moreover, any. Vger from the motion picture was super powerful, but if we're talking class of ship I'd say Constitution class ships. also powerful are the borg cubes, a dominion mega warship, and a klingon mega.

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Das wäre zu mindest logisch wenn man der Theorie folgt das V'ger die erste Borg war. Aber die Borg assimilieren ja eh nur Völker von Interesse. Dazu zählen aber nicht nur technische sondern auch physische Eigenschaften. 24.06.2020, 22:30 #15. ExGamestarLeser. Gast Zitat von ZAM. Die Erklärung mit die ersten Romulaner ist eh wieder ein typischer Star-Trek-Kontinuität-Fuckup, der schon. Raumschiff Enterprise (englisch Star Trek; später auch Star Trek: The Original Series, Abkürzung TOS) ist der deutsche Titel einer US-amerikanischen Science-Fiction-Fernsehserie aus den 1960er-Jahren, die von Gene Roddenberry konzipiert wurde. Unter dem Kommando von Captain James T. Kirk erkundet das Raumschiff Enterprise unbekannte Bereiche des Universums Ich fand den Ansatz mit der Verbindung zwischen V´Ger und den Borg recht interessant. Und für mich brauchen die Borg auch keine Königin, da die Originalidee auch ohne diese auskam. Und kleinere Cluster kommen vermutlich auch gut ohne eine Königin aus, wenn man unbedingt eine als Canon haben muss. Edit: Zitat von eFuchsi Beitrag anzeigen. Wir haben dich gewarnt, Locutus!, erklärte die Borg.

For the love of God, please don't find the Borg. Libertatis! Admiral_Crunch. Part of a nutritious breakfast Joined Apr 2001; Posts 78117; EE 0% (0) GA, USA. Posted: 11/5/2020 9:23:12 AM EST Please tell us you found intelligent life. We have a shortage here.. 8 THE V'GER AND BORG CONNECTION. Spock discovered in Star Trek: The Motion Picture that V'ger was short for Voyager 6, the unmanned probe launched by NASA. When it landed on a machine planet, the inhabitants upgraded its tech and sent it back on its way. Ever since the Borg appeared in TNG, it was postulated by fans that they were the beings who accomplished this. According to the Star Trek. Borg cube (first seen in Star Trek: The Next Generation, 1987-1994) Paramount This terrifying cube annihilated a bunch of United Federation of Planets starships in every battle

Borg V'Ger If you've seen the remastered Star Trek: The Motion Picture, you'll recognize the form factor of this Borg Command Vessel from the far-off view of V'Ger's ship after the dispersal of the blue energy cloud. STO has gone with the theory that V'Ger was actually rehabilitated by the Borg

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Free Poser 3D Downloads and Models from Vanishing Poin The Borg Queen tells Seven of Nine that she will leave her individuality intact so the Borg can study her memories and use her to help them assimilate humanity. 111: 17 The Disease Unknown: David Livingston: Story by : Kenneth Biller Teleplay by : Michael Taylor: Kim: February 24, 1999 () 40840-210: 3.4: Kim finds love when the crew encounters a Varro generational ship that needs assistance. Borg Queen of the Hive Manufacturer: Other Category: SF by Vger Submited: 12 Jan 2017 Average : 7.8 Votes : 34 Views: 951 Send this picture to a friend Tweet. Tags. Add Your Tags: Borg Queen of the Hive I am the beginning, the end, the one who is many. I am the Borg. (Star Trek).

V'Ger Raumsonde. Sehr detailliertes Modell. Aus Star Trek. Metall Modell mit Plastikteilen. Schiff ca. 22 x 9 cm. Modell kommt mit zugehörigem Magazin auf deutsch. ein beeindruckendes Modell der Star Trek V'Ger Raumsonde bekannt aus dem Film von 1979.. Der legendäre Designer Syd Mead entwarf das Modell in dessen Mitte sich ein V'Ger befand, einer lebenden Raumsonde Pieces blow up. Too close and it takes a good bite out of your shields and hull integrity. There's more than one

Hello There, Guest! STO Academy Forum › Star Trek Online › STO Discussions › V-GER of Borg....? Who Posted Star Trek Online. Gefällt 324.010 Mal. PEGI Rating: 12 | USK Rating: 12 Star Trek Online, das MMORPG, welches auf die bekannte Star-Trek Reihe aufbaut.. www.equi-score.de ist eine Plattform, ausschließlich zur Veröffentlichung von Ergebnissen. Das Einstellen der Ergebnisse und damit verbundene Prüfung auf Richtigkeit, obligt allein dem jeweiligen Veranstalter bzw

Use Borg on a t-shirt, as a display typeface, or even to design a sweet logo. Click here to download: Borg. 16. Elianto. Elianto. Elianto, with is lovely triangle A, is a free sans-serif font available free for personal use. It comes in both lower and uppercase and has a few stylistic alternates for several glyphs. Click here to download: Elianto. 17. Exan-3. Exan-3. Satisfy your futuristic. Diese fantastische Sammlung von Modellen der beliebten Science-Fiction-Serie enthält die wichtigsten Schiffe aus dem Star Trek Universum wie etwa Star Trek Enterprise, Star Trek Voyager, Raumschiff Enterprise das nächste Jahrhundert und Star Trek Discovery. Jedes Schiff wurde sorgfältig nachgebildet, mit qualitativ hochwertigen ABS-Materialien druckgegossen und detailliert von Hand bemalt Faktencheck: Sind die Borg und V'Ger verwandt? 27. April 2019 19. August 2019 Marco Golüke 2 Kommentare Borg, Control, Decker, Illia, Star Trek, V'Ger. Sind die Borg und V'Ger verwandt? Diese Frage findet sich oft in den Fangruppen und -foren. Wir gehen der Sache. Weiterlesen. Datenschutz & Cookies: Diese Website verwendet Cookies. Wenn du die Website weiterhin nutzt, stimmst du der.

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Hier werden alle Teilnehmer aufgeführt, für die eine Startmeldung oder Ergebnis hochgeladen wurde. Das Verzeichnis umfaßt aktuell 224 Teilnehmer There is a wide variety of Federation playable starships currently available in Star Trek Online for Starfleet, DSC Starfleet and TOS Starfleet characters. Most Federation ships are also available to Starfleet-aligned Romulan Republic and Dominion characters. There are three specific types of starship (if carriers are attributed to one of the pre-existing types), and each starship has multiple. Persis Khambatta, Actress: Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Persis Khambatta was born on October 2, 1948 in Bombay, India. At age 16, as Femina Miss India, she entered Miss Universe 1965, dressed in off-the-rack clothes she bought at the last minute. Khambatta became a model for companies such as Revlon. Her biggest acting break was getting the role of Lieutenant Ilia, the bald Deltan alien in.

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V'Ger is the main antagonist in Star Trek: The Motion Picture. V'Ger is an alien force, hidden in a massive cloud of energy, moving through space towards Earth. The cloud destroys three of the Klingons' new K't'inga-class warships and the monitoring station en route. Later on in the movie, The Enterprise intercepts the energy cloud and is attacked by an alien vessel within. A probe appears on.

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  1. Download free sound effects from Star Trek TOS
  2. Hier werden alle Teilnehmer aufgeführt, für die eine Startmeldung oder Ergebnis hochgeladen wurde. Das Verzeichnis umfaßt aktuell 416 Teilnehmer
  3. Bleibt letztlich nur die Frage,WARUM die Borg bzw. die noch namenlosen kybernetischen Wesen in der Classic-Serie um Captain Kirk nicht erwähnt wurden bzw. man beim Aufeinandertreffen mit V'ger im 1. Kinofilm nicht folgerte,das die Voyager 6-Sonde im Borg-Raum landete... Zumal Kirk und Co in der Original-Serie ebenfalls auf Zefrem Cochrane treffen
  4. Rutger ter Borg 2012-12-18 08:51:03 UTC. Permalink. Dear list, I have a question regarding concurrency guarantees of Rados. Suppose I have two nodes, say A and B, both running a process, and both using the same rados storage pool, maybe connected through different OSDs. Suppose node A updates an object in the storage pool, and after completion immediately notifies B (through its own messaging.

This is where the Borg began, sent out as heralds to find its creator and to learn all that is learnable and return that information to V'Ger for assimilation. As the collective grew the necessity for a single voice became the only logical recourse. The Collective found the females of certain species displayed a mental prowess, enabling them to sift through thousands of thoughts and bring. V'ger was found by a race of living machines which gave it a form suitable to fulfilling its simplistic programming. Unable to determine who its creator could be, the probe declared all carbon-based life an infestation of the creator's universe, leading to assimilation. From this, the Borg were created, as extensions of V'ger's purpose

V'ger was found by a race of living machines that gave it a form suitable to fulfilling its simplistic programming. Unable to determine who its creator could be, the probe declared all carbon-based life an infestation of the creator's universe, leading to assimilation. From this, the Borg were created, as extensions of V'ger ' s purpose Was V'ger responsible for the creation of the Borg THE V'GER AND THE BORG ARE CONNECTED I like that the Borg were created from V'ger, the melding of V'ger and Decker (some sore of time/space thing would have to be involved). It would make Q's introducing them to earth that more amusing. And appropriate. I thought that one was actually canon, but I could be wrong. I know it's pre-internet IIRC it was s die note in this novel (one of the better. EAGLEMOSS STAR TREK V'GER STAR TREK: THE MOTION PICTURE | SSSUK816 Star Trek - V'ger Star Trek: The Motion Picture 1979 Die Cast Metal Includes Display Stand. Combined Shipping. We are pleased to offer combined shipping for multiple items orders. Simply follow the below steps: Please add all items to your shopping car News und Foren zu Computer, IT, Wissenschaft, Medien und Politik. Preisvergleich von Hardware und Software sowie Downloads bei Heise Medien

Add support for getting the state of multiple pins using a minimum of register reads. Signed-off-by: Geert Uytterhoeven <geert+renesas@glider.be>--- drivers/gpio/gpio. The Borg Queen believed that V'Ger's plan would not succeed, and instead turned its assimilation protocols as a galactic-wide invasion in order to attain perfection through assimilation. Prime Universe. The first documented chronological encounter with them was on April 3, 2063, when they traveled back in time and tried to stop first contact between Vulcans and Humans. The USS Enterprise-E. This story previews the upcoming V'ger search by the USS Voyager. The Cylons have gotten worse and the Borg make a guest appearance here also. However, you will notice that I have concentrated a lot more on the ST part rather than the BG portion. There is a method to my madness as you will see at the end of this story. By the way, Worf will enter the picture soon as well as Thomas Riker. I. V'ger, originally Earth's ownVoyager 6 probe,was a massive, sentient machine entity and one of the most extraordinary lifeforms ever encountered by the United Federation of Planets (and in particular, the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701),toward the later end of the 23rd century. It generated enormous amounts of power and threatened Earth and the Federation with destruction, viewing lesser lifeforms. 20 V'GER. Arguably, the most powerful threat Kirk ever faced (aside from a thing that may or may not have been God) was V'Ger. Once upon a time, this was the humble Voyager space probe. However, a planet full of machines (which some fans speculate may have been a Borg planet) made V'Ger into something mighty. In fact, we never see the outer limits of this thing's power. We know it can.

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  1. g of Count Iblis. He understood the depths of the deception perpetrated by Janeway. And he hated her all the more because of it. The fact that he was deceived mattered very little. The fact that Q was beside him, laughing in his face infuriated him in a manner few beings had ever dared.
  2. Borg. VGER. Duma. Tags: adventurous font aesthetic font download americana script font americana typeface antique font microsoft word best antique fonts best font for restaurant logo best hipster best hipster fonts best hipster looks best hipster websites bohemian font brooklyn font free brooklyn typeface budmo font budmo font free calligraphy font google docs classy hipster style cool hipster.
  3. I would like to see Borg V. Vger. These nothing to assimilate, but id like to see if the Borg could adapt to Vger's sheer power. Plus they might end up finding mutual respect and a love story could beak out
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Laut der V'ger Therori von Star Trek Legacy hat V'ger die Borg erschaffen um als Arbeiter /sklaven. (wir wissen auch nicht in welchem Jahr er aus demm Schwarzen Loch /wurmloch/oder was auch immer wieder Rauskamm kann locker auch 50-100K Jahre vor Star Trek der Film geschehen sein. und Wissen Sammeln warum soll er nicht Gesammeltes Wissen Benutzen The Borg were a pseudo-race of cybernetic beings, or cyborgs, from the Delta Quadrant. No truly single individual existed within the Borg Collective (with the possible sole exception of the Borg Queen), as they were linked into a hive mind. Their ultimate goal was perfection through the forcible assimilation of diverse sentient species, technologies, and knowledge. As a result, they were among.

[prev in list] [next in list] [prev in thread] [next in thread] List: linux-kernel Subject: Re: Virii on vger.kernel.org lists From: Kent Borg <kentborg borg ! org> Date: 2001-07-31 19:01:19 [Download RAW message or body] I always thought it was bad form to send any sort of enclosure/attachment to a mailing list Star Trek Starships V'ger Special 16 Vehicle with Collector Magazine - Free Shipping. Hot Off The Truck Oct 28. Click Tap to Expand. In Stock Usually leaves our warehouse in 1-4 business days. NOTE: Delays may occur due to COVID-19 protocols. Item Number: EGSSSUK816. Price: $49.99 (Click here for wholesale pricing) Free USA Shipping. Qty. Add To Cart Add to Wish List. Need it for Christmas? To.

What Does, Star Trek, “Dinosaur-killer” Comets, and TheBorg Cube 2005 by Magmarama on DeviantArtV&#39;Ger - Skepp | Star Trek DatabasFree Death Star Backgrounds Download | PixelsTalkStar Trek Voyager Wallpaper (72+ images)

I'm curious where you get your images of V'Ger. At no time in the original Motion Picture, do we see anything like what you've shown, one of those photos even being a clear edit of a movie poster. I've always been a big fan of the idea that V'Ger was the origin point of the Borg, but no Trek timeline that shows how extensive the Borg are, and how long they've been out there, supports this idea. In Star Trek: The Motion Picture, once she was taken over by the V'ger probe, Ilia became a computer controlled cyborg, yet some of her Deltan humanity remained. One series of low-budget films featured borg, first Jean-Claude van Damme's Cyborg, where the cyborg isn't van Damme's character, but a woman named Pearl Prophet Science Fiction related 3D Models,George Mezori, Images and Animations including Star Wars, Star Trek, Babylon 5, Blade Runner, Battlestar Galactica and Aliens

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