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An inexpensive mortar-like weapon that could launch drums full of gas or flammable materials over great distances. Medical Crate. Once placed, this medical crate will heal wounded infantry nearby. 60. Medical Syringe. An adrenaline injection that can be used to revive downed allies or kill enemies. Mortar — AIR. A mortar firing airburst shells, delivering blast damage across a big area. Battlefield 1; The complete guide to Battlefield 1's weapons. By Omri Petitte 27 January 2018. Learn which weapons to equip for every situation and what to unlock first. Comments; Shares. MEDIC.

For weapons, the Medic uses a rifle, Battlefield 1 reinvents the history of warfare by taking players to World War I in this epic entry into the first-person shooter franchise. Through ever. This article discusses the standard equipment of a combat medic. Combat Medics may put themselves in greater harm than many other roles on the battlefield. In the type of asymmetric warfare which typifies modern conflicts, the enemy may or may not have respect for the laws of war and may or may not in fact actively target medics for the significant value they have in keeping the unit combat.

Medic has always had access to very competitive mid-long range weapons: the Selbstlader and Mondragon. Alternatively, you could use the M1907 SL or Autoloading 8.25 Extended, if you prefer to fight in closer ranges The absolute BEST weapons for the Medic class in Battlefield 1! Watch to find out which weapons to use at certain ranges, and why some are better than others.. Auch interessant: Die besten Waffen für alle Klassen in Battlefield 1. In der Liste tauchen viele Waffennamen mehrfach auf, jeweils mit einer anderen Bezeichnung wie etwa Hunter, Factory oder Trench

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  1. The first thing we want to do is take a look at the weapons available to players using the Medic class, as well as the role that you'll need to play when you spawn in as this character class. Medics play an important role in Battlefield 1. Not only are they responsible for keeping their teammates alive, but they are also responsible for.
  2. Battlefield 1 Weapon stats list and all gadgets. A few notes on the below lists first. Grenades and Melee weapons available to the core Assault, Medic, Support and Scout classes are the same, and.
  3. The Battlefield 1 Medic class, over in our complete Battlefield 1 weapon stats guide, so head that way for some more in-depth detail on how they match up. For now though, below is a list of.
  4. Battlefield 1 is developed by DICE and produced by EA. Your place for discussion, help, news Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Log in sign up. User account menu. 282. Faction-Specific Weapon List. Image/Gif. Close. 282. Posted by. iTheftAuto. 2 years ago. Archived. Faction-Specific Weapon List. Image/Gif. 86 comments. share. save.
  5. Complete showcase of all weapons and equipment available in Battlefield 1, including all downloadable content added post-launch. ** DLC ** (TSNP) - They Shal..
  6. Battlefield 1 presents the biggest shift in weapons technology since the series jumped from 1942 to the modern day. Gone are thermal scopes, laser sights, and underslung launchers. On deck are the.

Battlefield 1 has four classes for players to choose from: Assault, Medic, Support, and Scout. Each class has its own list of unique guns that benefit the role that class plays. For instance, the. Battlefield 1 [edit | edit source] In Battlefield 1, the Rifleman class carries the weapons most often used by Medics. The Medic in Battlefield 1 is most easily identified by the pair of crutches carried on his back, although they are never seen used in their intended manner. All of the medics on allied nations carry a blanket around their chest

I had a lot of free time in the past few days, so I decided to make a complete list of all the skins currently available in Battlefield 1. I've made a few tables in the past, but now they all come together in one this one big thread. Every weapon is separated by type, so you'll have an easier time finding the skin you need. Enjoy Our Battlefield 1 classes guide is the perfect way to get started and to understand the basics of each class. We've also got some basic multiplayer tips for novices and newcomers to the Battlefield franchise. This guide will focus exclusively on the weapons and gadgets of each of the four main classes: Assault, Medic, Support and Scout. This page is dedicated to the Weapons of Battlefield 1. Due to the time period, the amount of weapons you will find in this game is smaller than that o Battlefield 1 Medic class has access to some of the most powerful weapons in the game. Their loadout mostly consists of semi-automatic rifles that are capable dealing a significant amount of damage Like most bolt-action weapons in Battlefield 1, the Lebel 1886 has a great amount of stopping power but at the cost of a very, very long reload time that just doesn't make it the most appealing.

Medic Enlistment achievement in Battlefield 1: Reach Medic Rank 2 in multiplayer - worth 80 Gamerscore. Find guides to this achievement here In Battlefield 1 habt ihr Zugriff auf viele zeitgenössische Waffen, die ihr in den Grabenkämpfen und an anderen Schauplätzen des Ersten Weltkriegs.

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[ad_1] All you need to know about controlling the Warfield 1 Medic Class. The Battlefield 1 class of Medicine, a former part of the consolidated division in previous war games, is now an expert in supporting your team with healing. Previously integrated with the Assault category, Medic now gains access to the firearms list - [ Super-Angebote für Battlefield 1 2016 hier im Preisvergleich bei Preis.de! Battlefield 1 2016 zum kleinen Preis. In geprüften Shops bestellen Battlefield 1 Medic Class Tips Here's some advice that will help you maximize your efficiency on the battlefield: You will lose accuracy if you spam the trigger while using the semi-automatic rifles. Take slow shots for maximum precision. Hip fire spread is generally high, so try to avoid it if possible. Practice aiming down sights. Semi-automatic rifles are designed for medium to long range. Beste Waffe für Sanitäter/Medic in Battlefield 1. Die Waffen-Wahl beim Sanitäter ist darauf ausgelegt, Euch schnell aus einer misslichen Lage zu befreien, falls der Gegner Euch zu nahe kommt. Battlefield 1 medic guide What is the best strategy for playing as a medic? Cale Hunt. 26 Oct 2016 14 A Battlefield 1 team without medics will have a hard time winning any type of battle, but that.

Maître d'Armes achievement in Battlefield 1: Perform one kill with each of the 5 primary Weapon Assignments weapons - worth 100 Gamerscor Battlefield 5's multiplayer has a class-based system, but with exclusive roles, perks, and weapons tied to each job, which one you pick has never been more important. Here's what to expect from.

Battlefield 1 is a first-person shooter video game developed by EA DICE and published by Electronic Arts. Battlefield 1 is the fifteenth installment in the Battlefield series, and the first main entry in the series since Battlefield 4. It was released worldwide for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on October 21, 2016.. Battlefield 1 received positive reviews by critics and was. The Medic is a Teutonic man of medicine from Stuttgart, Germany.While he may have a tenuous adherence to medical ethics, he is nonetheless the primary healing class of the team.Although the Medic's Syringe Gun and Bonesaw aren't the most excellent weapons for direct combat, he can typically still be found near the front lines, healing wounded teammates while trying to stay out of enemy fire Battlefield 1 Medic Class guide - weapons, load-outs, rifle grenades, syringes and more By Alex Donaldson, Friday, 14 October 2016 08:37 GMT Share on: Facebook Twitter Reddi Battlefield 1 has somewhat of a shorter list than you'd usually see, This is one of two new weapons added to the Medic class and is listed above. This weapon is a semi-automatic rifle that has.

Battlefield 1 Best Guns Guide. We've got a list of the brand new weapons included in the Battlefield 1 Apocalypse DLC, which launched for Premium Pass customers on February 20, 2018, and will. Battlefield 1 Kills Leaderboards for Global. Destiny Tracker Overwatch Tracker Halo Tracker Rocket League Tracker CS:GO Tracker For Honor Tracker Rainbow 6 Siege Tracker Fortnite Tracker Call of Duty Tracker Apex Legends Tracke Battlefield 1 Weapon stats list and all gadgets. A few notes on the below lists first. Grenades and Melee weapons available to the core Assault, Medic, Support and Scout classes are the same.. Battlefield BF3 Stats zeigt Ranglisten, Statistiken und Server-Informationen zum Shooter Battlefield 3 ; FPS Tracker is a website dedicated to track player stats and leaderboards for the most popular. The Medic, or Assault Specialist,is one of the main protagonists in Battlefield Friends. The Medic appears to be more laid-back and sane alongside The Recon. Among his teammates, The Medic is probably the kindest of the four and is the most active in trying to teach The Noob to be good at the game. Though, this often fails due to The Noob's profound stupidity and incompetence. He often tries.

Battlefield 1's classes are defined by their weapons and gadgets. Each class uses a different, specialised category of weapons. They are also equipped with a sidearm, one of numerous grenade. The Medic class in Battlefield 1 has been built for players to settle back behind the front-lines teams of Assault and Support and keep the teams alive and well. Medics use semi-automatic rifles. Today I go over what I consider to be the best medic guns in Battlefield 1 and which ones you might want to avoid. Twitch Streaming: https://www.twitch.tv/ma..

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Battlefield 1 is the latest battlefield game from developer DICE and is set in WW1. You will be introduced to six single player war stories depicting the lives of different people during the war. The multiplayer is based on WW1 aspects of the games so there won't be a lot of the weapons and gadgets that you're familiar with from previous battlefields. There is also a new game mode in the game. In Battlefield 1, you're thrust into the unforgiving world of multiplayer with the most-applicable 2-bit weapon they could give you.But here's the secret: they're gimping you. While many weapons. If you enjoy than sub BATTLEFIELD 1 https://store.playstation.com/#!/de-de/tid=CUSA02387_0 Battlefield 1 remains one the finest multiplayer games on consoles, and the community of players is still healthy two years after release. While it's much simplified and easier to access than.

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30 Primary Weapons Depending on what Class you'll deploy as, you'll have access to a wide range of weapon types in Battlefield V. In our newly published articles on Classes and Combat Roles, you can discover which of the 30 primary weapons that the Assault, Medic, Support, and Recon Classes can wield For Battlefield 1 on the Xbox One, a GameFAQs message board topic titled They shall not pass new medic weapons? Battlefield 1 wurde auf der E3 2016 ausführlich vorgestellt und erscheint am 21. Oktober 2016 für die Xbox One, die PlayStation 4 und den PC. Im Vorfeld soll zudem Oktober 2016 für die Xbox One. Battlefield 1 offers a variety of weapon options for each class so that players can select the best gun for their play style. It can be difficult for a newer player to determine which guns are the best to choose, even when divided into four class types. This guide will help players narrow down the best guns in Battlefield 1. We'll go over what makes a gun good and how it benefits its class.

Battlefield 5 All Class Guide - Medic Class Weapons and Equipment. Suomi KP/-31 SMG is a fine weapon in Battlefield 5 for Medic class hero. The gun does not cost you an extra effort to unlock as it is a level 1 item for you. Other then the weapon, you should reach level 4 and unlock the Medical Crate equipment. This is a very essential tool. Contains all primary weapons, sidearms and gadgets earned through gameplay progression tied to the Medic class. Only base game progression items included; shortcut kit does not include items included in future downloadable content, items added by expansion packs, content that must be unlocked through Battlepacks, or promotional offer items

Battlefield 1 and Battlefield 4 Free DLC Available to Download Now: Aug 02, 2018: Battlefield 1 Apocalypse DLC is Available For Free This Week: Aug 01, 2018: Battlefield 1 and Battlefield 4 Expansions Free Again This Week: Jul 13, 2018: Battlefield 1 Turning Tides and BF 4 Second Assault DLCs Currently Free: Jun 27, 2018: View past article Using a kit as you play will level it up, just like your rank. Level up your kit to unlock more kit exclusive weapons or gadgets. Battlefield 3 calls it

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They Shall Not Pass is the first DLC for Battlefield 1 and it comes packed with new maps, weapons, a new tank, 2 new operations, and a new elite class. On top of that, 4 new trophies have been added and this guide will help you with them Which one you choose should depend mostly on your play style, but in the end, only one can be called the best. In this guide, we're going to show you the best sniper rifle in Battlefield 1 and tell you why we think it's so good. In our opinion, the best one is the SMLE MKIII Marksman.Comparing it to the other sniper rifles, the sweet spot of 100 damage starts at 40 meters and goes. Our list of Battlefield 5 all class unlocks will get you all up to speed on the various new weapons, gadgets, Combat Roles, and Special Assignments. Here's what you need to know about max class. Battlefield 1 . Codex Entries/Challenges Walkthrough. Review Faster ranking in Multiplayer mode It is recommended to have at least two medics and two support players. Since there are no vehicles in Quickmatch Domination, assault units are not too useful. Since you are running around a lot and trying to capture bases, the sniper class is also not very useful. If your squad always sticks. Battlefield 1 doesn't have as many weapons as past games in the series. However, what the game lacks in weapons, it makes up for in the number of variants available for each weapon. Each offers.

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  1. Combat medics (also known as medics) are military personnel who have been trained to at least an EMT-Basic level (16 week course in the U.S. Army),1 and who are responsible for providing first aid and frontline trauma care on the battlefield. They are also responsible for providing continuing medical care in the absence of a readily available physician, including care for disease and battle.
  2. Battlefield 1's multiplayer is very intense. While the game teaches you some basics during the campaign, it doesn't do much to explain what's going on in the multiplayer. Don't worry.
  3. Battlefield 1 is the new first-person shooter in the Battlefield franchise. Built by EA DICE and published by Electronic Arts, it is the 14th successive installment in the series releasing after a gap of 3 years (Battlefield 4 hit the shelves in 2013). Battlefield 1 is the second game by Electronic Arts featuring World War 1 environment; the first one was Wings of Glory published 22 years ago.
  4. In this post I will show you both, a few very useful Battlefield 1 console commands, and a full list of every single console command you can enable or disable in Battlefield 1. Be aware, that many other websites just copied entire articles about the console commands of previous Battlefield games, but EA added and removed several commands in Battlefield 1, but don't worry the following list.
  5. Battlefield 1 Game Guide World War I has begun! The Battlefield 1 guide will include a complete walkthrough for the single player campaign, hints for both the beginners and the veterans of the series and detailed information on the available weapons

Here are the picks as the best Battlefield V weapon for each class: Assault: M1907, Turner, G43; Medic: MP40 (max ADS accuracy), MP28, M1928A1 Thompson, Suomi; Support: KE7, FG42 (KE7 is the better overall pick), bigmag MG42 for cheesing and bipoding; Scout: Autoloading 8 (RoF buff), ZH-29; Explanation as to why each gun was chosen is mentioned below, as well as other musings on which weapons. List of available weapons for the assault class. Statistics with red and green bars are a decrease or increase in comparison to Sturmgewehr 1-5.It should be mentioned that even the initial weapon in good hands can sow death.For comparison reasons, in the below table you will also find the statistics of Sturmgewehr 1-5 Battlefield™ 1 ist randvoll mit einem gewaltigen Arsenal von Waffen, die zum größten Teil während des Ersten Weltkriegs erfunden oder perfektioniert wurden: durchschlagende Schrotflinten, Schnellfeuer-MPs, zerstörerische LMGs, ausbalancierte halbautomatische Gewehre, Seitenwaffen für den Notfall, präzise Scharfschützengewehre und eine große Auswahl von Nahkampfwaffen wie Schaufeln. All Battlefield 5 weapons: a list of every gun in the game. Read our guide to know what rifles, machineguns and sidearms you'll have at your disposal in Battlefield 5. A new Battlefield game means.

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Hier findest du alle Infos zum Multiplayer-Shooterspiel Battlefield 1 von Digital Illusions für PC, PS4, Xbox One: Release, Gameplay und alles, was ihr wissen müsst Battlefield 5 Class Unlocks Guide - Weapons, Vehicles, Equipment . By Editorial Team Nov 13, 2018 Share. Share. Copy. Part of Battlefield 5 Wiki Progression is a big part of Battlefield 5's.

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Battlefield 1 is packed with an assortment of World War I-era vehicles to take into battle. With so many powerful war machines at your disposal, we've compiled them all here for your convenience. Battlefield 1 Medic Class Guide Weapons Gadgets Tips and Strategies. 9/7/2016 Comments . READ FULL ARTICLE >>> Comments. Official Site. Archives. March 2016 February 2016 January 2016 December 2015 November 2015 October 2015. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Get Started.

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Battlefield 1 models: DLC Melee weapons. Created by Moon. All of the DLC weapons. Includes: TNSP: French Billhook Clous Français (French Nail) Dague Serpent (serpent dagger) Nepalese Kukri French Mle 1896 Sabre British Gear Club Steel Mace TSAR: Russian Axe Russian Hunting Dagger Russian Khinz... Battlefield 1 models: Pistols Part 1 PROPs. Created by Moon. Some pistols from Battlefield 1. Welcome! Log into your account. your username. your passwor Weapons and Gadgets. Battlefield 1 is a shooing game as mentioned earlier. Obviously, there is a myriad of cool weapons in the game that will enrich your experience. When I play, the most captivating thing for me is to find a weapon that is better than the one I already have. Catering to the same need, tracking websites offer stats about Battlefield 1 weapons as well. What Are Battlefield 1.

Battlefield 1 ist ein Ego-Shooter aus der Battlefield-Reihe, der vom schwedischen Computerspielhersteller DICE entwickelt und von Electronic Arts am 21. Oktober 2016 für Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 und Xbox One veröffentlicht wurde. Das Spiel wurde offiziell am 6. Mai 2016 angekündigt. Die Eins im Titel bezieht sich auf die Umgebung des Ersten Weltkrieges, nicht auf den Teil der Serie A specialization is an extra piece of kit that you can equip (or socket) to increase some of your stats in Battlefield 1. You can socket up to three specializations per kit. There are two types of Specialization, Generic and Kit Specific: Generic Specializations apply no matter what kit you're using. They can give you useful basic boosts to. Combat Medic 1 Battle Rifle Secondary Allows use of Battle Rifles in the secondary weapon slot. Does not include Directive Reward weapons. Combat Medic only. 1 Carbine Access Unlocks access to Carbines. Does not include Directive Reward weapons. Combat Medic only. 1 Concussion Grenade Access Unlocks access to Concussion Grenades. Combat Medic only

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This wiki page documents the ARG that is hidden in Battlefield 1.This page includes step-by-step instructions to unlock the secret A Beginning, A Conflict, An Omen, Angel Sighting, and Belly of the Beast dog tags, the An Escalation skin, as well as the Peacekeeper revolver and its associated service dog tag called An Awakening.Currently, the primary solving hub for this ARG is the Battlefield. List of Medic cosmetics. From Team Fortress Wiki. Jump to: navigation, search. v.

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Battlefield 1 even helpfully includes a new feature that lets downed players see how many Medics are nearby and how far off they are. If there's no one to save you and your corpse is surrounded by. 'Battlefield 5' update 1.37 makes big changes to Community Games. See he full list of toggles in the patch notes. 'Battlefield 5' is available now on Xbox One, PS4 and PC Battlefield 1's multiplayer features a handful of returning modes, such as Rush, Conquest and Team Deathmatch (all enhanced by Battlefield 1's stunning graphics and vintage weaponry) and a few.

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